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Fundación Tengo Hogar

Who we are

The Tengo Hogar Foundation was born in February 2014 as a reaction of society to the crisis that was pushing many families with children to the brink of poverty and social exclusion. These are people like us who suddenly lost their jobs and were about to lose everything. We are volunteers that have come together around a common cause and have the desire to leave a positive mark on society.

Our programme

We work from a prevention approach to promote social inclusion. We help families through our program based on three essential pillars so that they can overcome their situation: we improve employability, protect childhood, and cover basic needs.

We guide parents to train and get a decent job or improve their current conditions. In this way, they achieve stability.

We promote the socio-educational development of children through activities that give them an open view beyond their daily environment.

We cover specific and punctual issues so that families can continue with their recovery process.

We support families for a maximum period of two years for them to be back on track. Our goal is that families recover their autonomy and get ahead by themselves and do not become dependent on chronic help in time. 

We make a preventive, holistic, personalised and challenging intervention, embracing working, economic and social life from a family approach. We help people with potential who put a lot of effort into becoming economically independent and autonomous. They have a proactive attitude towards job search and training, as well as a strong commitment to the agreed goals.


70% of the families participating in our programme are single mothers, a factor that increases their vulnerability to achieve work-family balance. Each family is different and has its own story to tell, but they have a common goal: to overcome their situation and reignite their lives.


We pursue the following Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations.

We work from a prevention approach to promote social inclusion

We help those who want to help themselves

Our Mission

Our mission

Help families with children that face exclusion risk so they can recover their economic, social, and employment autonomy.

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Our vision

We want to be a reference entity in the field of social intervention with a preventive and sustainable nature. We want to be recognized for our high quality and commitment to society.

We need your support today

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